Success Stories

“4 Months Only – From D to A” 

by Geraldine Lee’s Testimonial, Class of 2013


Mr Chan is very sincere in helping students achieve their desired academic results. In merely 4 months, I managed to pull my GP grade from a D to A simply by following through their advice and study methods. Mr Chan has what it takes to realise every students’ potential.”

– Geraldine Lee, A Private Candidate


“Tremendous help my quest to secure the ever-elusive “A” grade – From D to A”

by Eugene Tai, ACJC, Class of 2014

I enrolled at Mr Chan’s GP Programme at the end of my JC1 year, in search of the answers as to why I was unable to consistently perform well in my General Paper examinations. Needless to say, his General Paper program was of tremendous help to me in my quest to secure the ever-elusive “A” grade for GP, both in my subsequent school internal assessments, as well as the final A-Level examinations.

This program is extremely well-structured and organised: the core Paper One topics of General Paper (Education, Environmental Issues, Science and Technology etc.) are individually covered over the two-year schedule in great detail, with each topic generally taking around two weeks to complete – sometimes three, if the topic is of particular significance. A student will not be in want of Paper Two practice either, as the amount of classes and revision exercises dedicated to comprehension/AQ drilling will be in blissful abundance as well. The architects of the program have also set aside sufficient time-slots for the purpose of imparting crucial skills to the student for effectively tackling the two papers that students are faced with. Rigorous practice of the given assignments and effectively internalizing the content disseminated during lessons is a guaranteed method of improving one’s ability to score well in General Paper.

Another aspect that I believe is worthy of praise in his GP program would be the comprehensive nature of the notes provided to students. Weekly lesson packages are impressive in that they contain just about anything that would be of practical use to the student: a compiled list of past A-Level essay questions on the topic at hand, summary notes of the core arguments in the topic, further readings to deepen one’s understanding of the issues discussed, and the occasional bonus in the form of comprehension and vocabulary exercises. However, time constraints do not often permit a complete coverage of the weekly lesson packages, and to any prospective students: self-reviews of the remaining content are strongly recommended. You have everything to gain by doing so.

I have been most impressed with the rich insight that Mr Chan has been able to provide me with regarding current affairs on the national as well as international level. Mr Chan has an extremely unique talent  – he is able to ignite the fires of intellectualism in a student, introducing him or her to various higher-order thinking skills and content knowledge that would seldom be available to the majority of one’s peers in school. Under Mr Chan’s tutelage, I was introduced to numerous concepts and notions such as the social contract tradition and international political theory, which I was able to use to great effect in my GP essays and assignments.

Whether or not you are a student struggling to pass General Paper, or are a somewhat-skilled GP student looking to secure a distinction in the subject, Mr Chan is the person you seek.

Unlock that “A” for you just like he did for me – From C to A” 

by Dong Yunfan, RI(JC), Class of 2014

Adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of Mr Chan include encouraging, professional, dedicated and caring. Although I only had the opportunity to meet him for a mere couple of months before my A Level examination, I do not think anyone has made a greater impact on my General Paper learning than him.

One of the first things that Mr Chan pointed out to me during our first session was the fact that GP is not a content-based subject but a language-based one. That certainly surprised me, who was used to studying for GP like any other content subject via memorising chunks of facts and data. After reading one of my class assignments, Mr Chan assured me that my content needed way less sharpening than my language did. For someone who had been flooding his paragraphs with numbers and statistics instead of ensuring coherent flow of the argument, it was a wake-up call for me.

Within the next few months, Mr Chan frequently took time to scrutinise my work so that he could understand my difficulties better and advise me accordingly. For example, he painstakingly went through each paragraph of the essays I submitted to him sentence-by-sentence, so as to help me structure my arguments more effectively. Such experiences are not uncommon amongst his students – Mr Chan’s dedication towards helping each and every student under him achieve his or her full potential is seen from the efforts he made in providing them with undivided attention and guidance.

Regarding the subject itself, I can attest to Mr Chan’s astute awareness of both the content tested under the GP curriculum and the way to present one’s answer to achieve maximum efficiency. His content lessons are filled with nuggets of knowledge that are relevant yet not cliché. But more often than anything you will hear him emphasise on the importance of evaluation in both the Application Question and the essay, to the extent that “evaluation trumps everything else” has become his catchphrase. And it is no empty talking – he makes it a point to adhere to this fundamental principle whenever he would teach us a new answering technique.

Do not get me wrong – Mr Chan provides no secret formula for success. Instead, he teaches a set of skills that is not only applicable in General Paper but also an effective way of thinking in our daily lives. He rarely offers templates or model essays for us to emulate, but dissects them thoroughly to analyse with us the authors’ train of thought. In doing so, his lessons are never boring as there will be something new that you will learn every time. I personally loved his essay analyses the most, as he would be able to discover the nuances in extremely similar words or phrases, and explain to us the appropriate choices under different context. As I later found out, the use of one single word, especially in the introduction, could make or break an essay.

As mentioned at the start, Mr Chan is an extremely encouraging, professional, dedicated and caring teacher, who will always be there to hear your difficulties and answer your queries. I owe him my deepest gratitude for the eventual “A” grade, which had remained elusive to me for 2 straight years. And to whoever that is reading this, I do believe that he has the capability to unlock that “A” for you just like he did for me, as he is probably one of the best GP teachers around.


“Never contented with settling for mediocrity – Sustaining the A”

by Jedidiah Andrew, RI(JC), Class of 2014

My experience with Mr Chan has been an astronomically enriching one. It has been an amazing privilege to be under the tutorage of an extremely dedicated and competent teacher, Mr Chan. His years of experience have allowed him to exhibit an unparalleled mastery of General Paper as a subject. I’ve learned to appreciate GP in unique ways which I doubt I would have had I attended another tuition centre or tutor. I can now understand why teachers adopt a variety of

pedagogical methods to impart skills, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of these methods – simply because Mr Chan has indeed made effective use of a vast spectrum of them. These include class discussion, the provision of semi one-to-one tutoring through a system of rotation with a small class size, supervised systematic inquiry into topics, and many more. Hence, even as a student, Mr Chan has actually allowed me to gain an appreciation of a subject at the pedagogical level as well – which is definitely a bonus when I try to help my peers, and of course when I sit for examinations.

The competence of Mr Chan is complemented by his apparent dedication to teaching. More often than not, lessons would stretch beyond the time stipulated, and he would be more than happy to entertain questions outside of lesson time. This includes the submission of additional work via email during the week, extra consultation sessions, and in-depth personal tutoring when crucial issues need to be addressed.

Mr Chan is never contented with settling for mediocrity as it always allows its students to test intellectual limits and pursue areas of interest. This is of course facilitated by the great degree of competence of Mr Chan himself across many fields, which is a prerequisite for entertaining random incursions into the boundless universe that the elusive creature of GP resides in. This has served me well as I have curious interests in a number of fields – and Mr Chan unreservedly supports the intellectual leanings of every student.

Underpinning all of this, however, Mr Chan has a strong foundational and technical understanding of General Paper – it being first and foremost an examinable A level subject.