The GP Specialist

How can I improve my GP grade?
What are the ingredients needed for an ‘A’ in GP? 

These are valid and perennial questions that have puzzled every cohort of ‘A’ students since the subject’s inception in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Examination.And now, they are puzzling YOU too.

In fact, you are concerned!

Because you know …
– Fail GP and it reduces your chance to pursue the tertiary course of your choice
– Misinterpret THE essay question (you are only required to attempt ONE essay during your final exam) inevitably spells disaster
– Lack content and it affects your analysis and evaluation

And above everything else, GP, unlike content subjects, requires a longer runway to take off…



But it is not all gloom and doom.

Being accepted in the ‘A’ level course demonstrates that you are among the top 40% of your cohort. And that means you have a certain level of intellect aptitude and language competency.

What you need is someone who knows the craft of scoring in the subject…

… an ‘insider‘… involved in developing the curriculum… communicated with Cambridge Examiners before … knew the marking processes … aware of content scoping … even to the extent of having trained and led a team of teachers to produce results 


** Introducing Mr Chan

Mr Chan has the rare experiences of working very closely with Cambridge examiners over JC curriculum and examination matters. He is a/an:

  • Former JC Head of Department
  • Educator with MOE HQ during the planning and implementation of the JC curriculum
  • Specialist GP coach who has empowered students to perform in their best ability in GP
  • Doctorate candidate in Education with NIE
  • Fellow, College of Teachers, London
  • Associate, Academy of Singapore’s Teachers

9 Reasons why you should attend his GP class

  1. Understand exactly how your answers will be marked by Cambridge markers**
  2. Apply answering techniques that will avoid a ‘0’ in P2 short-answer questions
  3. Go beyond a ‘7’ or ‘8’ for your AQ
  4. Maximise evaluation in your essay that brings you to Band 1
  5. Apply quick fix linguistics techniques to level up your language marks
  6. Avoid misinterpreting essay question requirements
  7. Develop sharp knowledge and analytical understanding of key current affairs
  8. Know when and how to apply content to demonstrate maturity of thought and personal insight
  9. Mr Chan has a good track record of producing excellent results.


Notable Success Stories

Success Story No. 90: “Target effective revision instead of aimlessly reading article after article – From D to A”

 by Caitlin Park, NJC, Class of 2016

I had been scoring D’s throughout my JC life, and before I knew it, it was four months to A Levels. I was desperate, and decided to go for tuition in a last bid to save my GP grade.

 Mr Chan’s lessons were just what I needed. He has an insider’s knowledge of the GP syllabus and marking process, which helped us better understand what the GP paper required of us. What I found especially useful was Mr Chan bringing us through the key issues and areas of importance for different essay topics, which really helped us target our revision instead of aimlessly reading article after article to gain content knowledge. I only regret that I did not start tuition earlier.

 If you are not receiving sufficient support in school, I would definitely recommend Mr Chan’s lessons to supplement your learning and boost your GP grade!

Success Story No. 78: “GP is not a subject that should be neglected – from U to B

 by Jaleen Ng, MI, Class of 2016

I prepared for the GP examination by reading and familiarising myself with the notes that Mr Chan have provided for us during the sessions. With the content and statistics available, it was easier to revise as there wasn’t a need to google and browse through the many different websites with its reliability being questionable. I also read through the different model essays that was provided and took notes on the writing patterns and connecting words that would make my essay more smooth. 

One of the best takeaways I have from the tuition sessions would be how to score in AQ. I have always been confused about how AQ should be answered and Mr Chan taught us how to choose the best points among the many. This was especially important due to the short limited time that we have to complete paper 2. I also managed to grasp the concept of how the summary points should be chosen and rephrased which allowed me to improve in practices which i couldn’t pass before in school after i took the lessons.

A piece of advice that i would like to give anyone taking A’levels would be that GP is not a subject that should be neglected. People around me often stated that failing GP in school is normal thus this creating a prejudice that it’s fine to fail. 

However, that’s not the case as GP is one of the most important subjects to get into a local university of your choice and it should be receiving as much attention as the other subjects. 

The earlier you start, the more time you have to cover more topics and widen your knowledge about world issues which helps greatly in both paper 1 and 2. 

Success story N0. 9: “Able to grasp a firmer understanding of the world – From E to A” 

by Constance Seah, RVHS, Class of 2015

Attending GP lessons with Mr Chan has truly been a lifesaver! Mr Chan is nurturing and definitely an expert in his field, constantly sharing important and interesting ideas, theories and concepts often neglected in schools to mature our train of thought and to refine our argumentative skills. (I never wanted to miss a lesson from him!) My GP grade has improved remarkably in just a year, from a constant ‘E’ before I joined him to an astounding A for the final examination. Mr Chan assiduously puts in his best efforts to shower his knowledge to us during class and offers useful and manageable tips and tricks to up our writing and argumentative skills, and to aid our understanding on what is really causing our grades to remain stagnant. Commendably, Mr Chan also keeps a small class size to be able to get to know his students better and tailor to their needs, such that he will be able to provide insights to every student regarding their strengths and flaws. This has definitely been vital in helping me gain confidence in the subject as I start to understand when I am on the right track, and what are the areas I should improve on.

Academics checked, having someone who believed in me was definitely instrumental in my performing during major examinations and Mr Chan never fails to boost our morale before each exam. He always sends us into the examination hall feeling confident of our own skills we’ve all been working so hard for. My biggest takeaway from one year’s worth of learning is that GP offers more than what many deem as a mundane subject; it is the joy as well as novelty of exploration and discovery, and the fulfillment from being able to grasp a firmer understanding of the world around us. This realization struck upon me only after I joined Mr Chan and it is indubitably an experience on its own!


Success story N0. 28: “Insightful ACE  – From E to A”

 by Valerie Tan , IJC, Class of 2015

Mr Chan is dedicated to helping us with our General Paper grades. He managed to help me score an A despite my poor language skills. I have also managed to learn new interesting information and develop new insights and world views useful for GP. Thank you for your help:)


Success story N0. 48: “Skills Application, A Trump Card: From S to A” 

by Beth Chan, HCI, Class of 2015

GP may be a nightmare for some, and it certainly was for me in JC1. Having not realized how important choosing an essay question was or how GP essays are so different from O Level English essays, and having not understood how to write an AQ, it was no wonder that I consistently scored an S or an occasional E, if I was fortunate enough. I came to Mr Chan in JC2, and Mr Chan drastically changed my perception of the subject. His many years of experience and strong familiarity with the subject allowed me to learn that it is not the examples cited per se that gives a high mark in an essay, but how one argues, and I also learnt how to pick an essay question without falling into traps within the question, among other useful skills. The structures he has taught in approaching essays and AQs have proven to be extremely helpful, and his dedication through marking the extra essays, essay plans and AQs I submitted is deeply appreciated. Scoring an A for GP in the A Level Exams after consistently being lost in the subject would have been impossible if not for his help.

Mr Chan’s GP Programme Success Formula


Mr Chan’s General Paper Programme is well-aligned with the official syllabus that aims to enable candidates to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Understand better the world in which they live by fostering a critical awareness of continuity and change in the human experience
2. Appreciate the interrelationship of ideas across disciplines
3. Broaden their global outlook while enabling them to remain mindful of shared historical, social and cultural experiences both within Singapore and regionally
4. Develop maturity of thought and apply critical reading and creative thinking skills
5. Develop the skills of clear, accurate and effective communication
6. Develop the skills of evaluation of arguments and opinions
7. Promote extensive and independent reading and research.


The Learning Plan adopts a thematic and issue-based approach to the teaching of the key content and highlighting their areas of controversies and interconnectedness in ideas and concepts. This is achieved through the study of 5 Inter-connected Core Themes.

In each theme, Paper 1 (essay writing) and Paper 2 (comprehension) skills will be taught via the infusion of these skills with content. This tried-and-tested approach has since enabled students to achieve a stronger connection between application of content and skills and hence exceed expectations in the examinations.

More strategically, the Learning Plan emphasises on empowering students with stronger and sharper linguistic and evaluative skills so that they will achieve a more robust level of communicative engagement in their answers. This is done via our 4 Key Skills Boosters that focus on improving linguistics domain and thought processes for both Paper 1 & 2.

CONTENT – 5 Interconnected Core Themes

1. Science & Technology
• Science & Progress
• Science vs Ethics/Morality
• Science vs Religion
• Functions and Uses of Science and Technology and Implications

2. Politics, Governance & International Relations
• Leadership & Good Governance
• Political Ideas, Systems & Legitimacy
• Determinants of Foreign Policy
• Inter-state Conflicts & Cooperation
• Fundamentalism and Terrorism

3. Globalisation & Sustainable Development
• Economic Growth vs Sustainable Development
• Globalisation: Boon or Bane
• Challenges: Poverty, Search for Energy, Inequality

4. Values, Philosophy & Life
• Centrality of Sound Values
• Happiness & Meaning of Life
• Work-life Balance & Leisure
• Family & Transformation
• Traditions, Customs, Heritage vs Modernity

5. Education
• Educated Man & Schooling
• Functions of Education
• Values & Functions of Key disciplines: History, Mathematics/Statistics, Science, Social Sciences

SKILLS – 4 Key Boosters


GP Skills Booster

To find out how Mr Chan’s former students have benefitted from his General Paper Programme, please read their testimonials here.

We also welcome interested students and parents who want to find out how our programme can help to improve performance. Free consultation is available.

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