Academic Groups

Weekly Academic Group Meetings Schedule 2017

Level Subject Day Time Venue Remarks
J2/IP5&6 GP Fri 1400-1530 Beauty World Last 3 vacancies
J2/IP5&6 GP Sat 1300-1430 Petir Full
J2/IP5&6 GP Sun 0900-1200 (Fortnight Group) Beauty World Full
J2/IP5&6 GP Sun 1300-1600 (Fortnight Group) Beauty World Last 2 vacancies
J1/IP4&5 GP Thurs 1900-2030 Petir Last 4 vacancies
J1/IP4&5 GP Sat 1430-1600 Petir
J2/IP5&6 H2 CHEM Thurs 1900-2100 Beauty World Last 2 vacancies
J2/IP5&6 H2 CHEM Fri 1900-2100 Beauty World
J2/IP5&6 H2 CHEM Sat 1200-1400 Beauty World Full
J2/IP5&6 H2 CHEM Sat 1400-1600 Beauty World Full
J1/IP4&5 H2 CHEM Sun 1800-2000 Beauty World
Sec 4 CHEM Sat 0930-1130 Beauty World Last vacancy
Sec 3/4/5 EL Fri 1530-1700 Beauty World Full


  1. All small groups: Between 4 and 10 students.
  2. For groups that are held at the Beauty World, the premise is at 140 Beauty World Plaza, #01-15 Singapore 588147.
  3. Except for Humanities, EL and GP groups, the duration of each session is 2 hours.
  4. As long as there is a minimum of three students, a new group can be formed. You may contact the respective subject specialists for advice.
  5. The fees vary for different subjects and levels, please contact the respective specialists for more information.


JC GP, History & CSE, and Sec EL groups (Mr Chan @ 8388 1364)

JC & Sec Chemistry (Mr Chen @ 9166 0982)